Alumni Testimonial

Verdiyansyah Bagus Pratama

"I study at Indraprasta University PGRI 1 Jakarta, majoring in Informatics Engineering. Alhamdulillah, costs are lighter, I am more focused in my studies and I can save for other needs. My scholarships started in semester 1 and covered all expenses without exception until I graduated, with a GPA of 3.00. My goal is to become the owner of a company that grows and positively benefits the people around me, my country and the world. "

Verdiyansyah Bagus Pratama, 21 years old, Jakarta

Risti Indriarti (Risti)

"I studied at the Trisakti School of Management and majored in Accounting. My family’s response is that this scholarship is very useful for the campus world and is very helpful. My family also feels happy because I have received this scholarship. I study more diligent in college, and can ease the burden on my parents. "

Risti Indriarti (Risti), 20 years old, DKI Jakarta