As a company that is built on reputation and integrity, the perception of shareholders and customers plays an important role in determining the progress of the Company. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all elements of the Company in various lines to maintain reputation and show stakeholders that the Company has high integrity and upholds ethics in carrying out its activities. So that a code of ethics is needed for employee relations with the Company, relationships among employees, relationships with consumers, relationships with shareholders, relations with the Government and relations with the community to form a corporate culture that is a manifestation of company values.

The Company’s values are as follows:

Integrity and sincerity which includes fairness, responsibility, transparency and honesty for the benefit of shareholders.

Delivering benefits from good investment performance, which is consistent with the philosophy of being a responsible company.

Trust-Based Relationship
Trust in our good intentions, which we always nurture by maintaining good relationships with all parties.

Focusing on the Customer
Providing quality products, services, advice and sustainable values for the priorities of the Customer.

Love Your Work with Professionalism
Employees are enthusiastic and professional at work, supported by expertise and abilities for the benefit of our customers, investors, and stakeholders (shareholders).

Fundamental ethics of Investment Managers:
  • Act professionally and uphold ethics at all times.
  • Acting in the interests of Customers.
  • Be independent and objective.