The management determines policies to regulate the functions, tasks and scope of work carried out by the Compliance, Risk Management, and Internal Audit Function in accordance with applicable regulations. This includes the duty to ensure that all employees and company activities have fulfilled and complied with applicable rules and regulations as well as the company's SOP, ensuring that the products that already exist and will be launched are in accordance with applicable regulations and provisions, reviewing risk management strategies and periodically evaluate the implementation of risk management strategies, and coordinate with the Officials responsible for Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorism Funding (APU and PPT) and other related divisions within the company in an effort to monitor the implementation of AML and PPT implementation.

Compliance and Internal Audit Function
To inspect and ensure that the business activities of the company are carried out in accordance with and comply with the applicable laws.

Risk Management Function
To carry out and ensure that risk-based management aspects are carried out by prioritizing business activities.