What is Margin Trading? 

Margin trading or margin account is a facility that KB Valbury Sekuritas provides to its clients in order for them to be able to trade more than their capital. 

It is important to note that not all stocks can be traded with a margin account. With margin facilities at KB Valbury Sekuritas, the stocks that you can trade is in accordance with BEI’s lists for securities companies with MKBD above IDR 250M. Download the list here.

What are KB Valbury Sekuritas’ margin trading facilities? 

KB Valbury Sekuritas provides margin trading facilities with daily interest as low as 0.033% (11.9% p.a.), a credit limit of 1.2 x portfolio and unlimited holding period as long as your maintenance ratio is below 65%. 

If your maintenance ratio exceeds 65% then you will receive a margin call- in the form of an email - reminding you to top up your funds with either cash or stocks. If you do not top up your funds within two days of receiving said margin call, a forced sell will be executed in order to reduce your maintenance ratio back to below 65%.  

What are the benefits of margin trading? 

  1. Avoid suspend buy – as long as you maintain your maintenance ratio below 65%, you can keep purchasing within your credit limit.
  2. A more flexible holding period – trade more comfortably with unlimited holding period as long as you maintain your maintenance ratio.  
  3. Cheaper fees – with margin account, your penalty is only 0.033% per day (11.9% p.a.)

How to open a margin account

  1. Become a client of KB Valbury Sekuritas with a minimum funds (cash or stocks) top-up of IDR 200,000,000. Register now here or through our trading app, VOLT+. 
  2. Apply for a margin account by filling the following forms together with an RDN account application (must be from the same bank as your regular account’s RDN bank) and submitting it to our sales person. 

Enjoy stocks trading with unlimited holding period and cheaper fees with KB Valbury Sekuritas’ margin account. 

Contact us for more information at 021 255 33 655 or at 021 579 44 502.