1. What if the VOLT application fails to install, with the message that you have not installed Microsoft.net Framework?

Go to this page, and download the required version of DotNet.
If the problem persists please contact our Helpdesk by phone or through the livechat feature on the website.  

2. What do I do if I the login button and I get the message, "User ID not recognized or wrong password"?

Check whether you typed in the wrong user id or mistakenly used CAPITALS or lower case letters in your password. Try making sure that all uppercase characters when inputting the password. You can also display the password you are tying by clicking ‘Show Password’ to ensure that you are typing the password correctly.

3. Why is the "Daily Chart or History Chart" blank when I open it?

You can restore the application by resetting the application by going back to the initial login page and using the Refresh Icon on the lower right corner.

4. When opening the menu, why does the notification "Chart not registered" appears?

Select the Session menu, then select Register Chart function and press OK.

5. What if the "Volt notification appears stopped working" when I open the login form for VOLT desktop?

If this happens, check time and date setting on your computer. Make sure the hours and date  are set to West Indonesia Time, that the location and region is set to the United States, and that the language option selected is English (United States).

6. Why does this popup error appear: "Volt has stopped working" when I click the Login button?

You can restore the application by going to the login menu and using the Refresh Icon on the lower right to reset the application

7. When I open the buy limit menu, why does nothing appear though my buy limit is sufficient? When I want to sell, why does it say I don’t have enough Stocks even though I own those Stocks?

The data probably failed to load. All you need to do is to press the the Refresh button on the portfolio menu and then return to your buy / sell transaction menu.

8. Why do my the order results do not appear on the "Order List or All Order Entered" form?:

It can happen to fail to load the data and to display the data by clicking the Refresh button in the upper right on the order list or trade list menu.

9. I forgot my password, how do I get a new password?

Use your e-mail address has been registered at Valbury Securities Indonesia to send an email to [email protected], including your full name and User ID with a request to reset your password.

10. What do I do if the initial display menu on some menus is missing?

You can restore the initial settings by clicking the Workspace menu and then selecting Load workspace and the Default workspace, or by simultaneously pressing (CTLR + L) on the keyboard.

11. How can I trade if VOLT is down? 

If VOLT is down, you can place your orders by contacting our Helpdesk team by phone. 
If and when VOLT is down, you will receive a notification in your email inbox.