Our Valbury Online Trading (VOLT+) online trading platform was established to serve the retail market. This secure platform is directly connected to the Jakarta Automated Trading System (JATS) at the Indonesian Stock Exchange for real-time trading. 

The VOLT+ system uses banking and finance standard High Availability firewall protection with auto-recovery hardware and fully redundant data communications to ensure the stability of the system.

Through VOLT+, aside from basic orders such as Buy, Sell, Amend and Withdraw, there are various Smart Order features for better trading experience. For example, Bracket Order, Good Till Friday and Trailing Stop to name a few.

With its low minimum deposit, competitive fees and user convenience, no wonder VOLT+ is the preferred choice for retail customers.


Easily open an account

Fill in the account opening form online in 5 easy steps, anywhere and anytime!

Trade without worrying that your data will be hacked

With a security system that is equipped with multiple gateways and a separate server,  your data is safe from being hacked.

Trade easily and conveniently!

With our Smart Order system, you can input your order and continue with your daily activities secure in the knowledge that your trading order will be executed.

Low transaction fees

Transparent online transaction fees - we apply a transaction purchase fee of 0.15% and a transaction sales fee of 0.25%.

Manage all of your account information online

Our Client Area feature allows you to update your personal and financial information online for convenience. You can also send notifications of deposits and withdrawals, monitor your portfolio and check all of your transactions.
So you no longer need to send us physical documentation.

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